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Rep. Dave Greenspan Introduces "Public Safety and Military Protection Act"

House Bill 38 increases criminal penalties for attacks on law enforcement, first responders and military personnel
February 8, 2017
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Representative Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) today announced the introduction of his first bill as a state representative.  House Bill 38, otherwise known as the “Public Safety and Military Protection Act,” is designed to increase the penalties for violent offenders only in cases when it is the offender's specific purpose to attack a law enforcement officer, first responder, or military member.

“There have been repeated incidences of disturbing attacks on those who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve our communities and our nation,” said Greenspan. “This bill sends a strong message to those who seek to harm the brave men and women who see us at our worst or greatest times of need and to those who protect and defend our freedoms and liberties.”

House Bill 38 adds the provision that intentional acts of murder against first responders, military members and federal law enforcement officers shall carry the charge of aggravated murder.  The bill also seeks to add penalties for offenders found guilty of felonious assault on public safety officials and members of the military, specifying that they serve all sentenced time with offenses committed in conjunction with the felonious assault consecutively.  Additionally, the bill provides protection to anyone who is in training to be, is active or has served as a public safety official or member of the military.

The bill is currently awaiting reference to an appropriate committee.