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Rep. Anielski Announces Passage of "Ohio Suicide Prevention Day" Legislation

May 30, 2013
Republican Newsroom

State Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Independence) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives yesterday passed House Bill 149, which designates September 10th as “Ohio Suicide Prevention Day.”

Rep. Anielski has released the following statement on the passage of House Bill 149:

“Suicide prevention is an issue that has very personal significance for me. During my time in the Legislature I have strived to help raise awareness about this 'Silent Epidemic' that has swept across our state, claiming many lives and leaving a trail of grief in its wake. Suicide is a public health issue that affects every community and can strike any family, and it is important to provide assistance to those individuals who are at risk of a premature death. We need to focus on prevention and bring to light more ways to cope with depression, bullying and mental illness. It gives me great hope that by designating September 10th as “Ohio Suicide Prevention Day,” we can reduce the prevalence of suicide and provide help for those in need.”

Ohio Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th corresponds to the national and worldwide Suicide Prevention Days.