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Ohio House Takes Action on New Common Core Legislation

Reps. Huffman and Thompson Announce Repeal and Replacement of Common Core
July 29, 2014
Republican Newsroom

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COLUMBUS—Representatives Matt Huffman (R-Lima) and Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) today at a press conference announced that they have introduced a new placeholder bill that will fully repeal common core standards in Ohio and replace them with proven, high standards and assessments, ensure confidentiality of student data and return control to Ohioans.

House Bill 597 will continue the work that has already been done in the context of House Bill 237 and House Bill 487 with the goal of restoring to teachers and classrooms clear sets of proven guidelines and standards.

"I am happy to work with Rep. Huffman to move this bill through the House,” Rep. Thompson said.  “Ohio's students deserve high standards that are proven to work, and the peace of mind that their privacy will be protected throughout the course of their education."

“Americans view common core as an intrusion by the federal government into a very personal matter: the education of their children,” Rep. Huffman said.“This bill will work to address their concerns in order to find a solution.”

Rep. Huffman indicated that House Bill 597 would be heard in Rules Committee with hearings expected to begin the second or third week of August.