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Ohio House Passes Bill to Make Animal Capture More Humane

June 12, 2013
Republican Newsroom

State Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville) today applauded the Ohio House of Representatives’ passage of Substitute House Bill 116, which pertains to the capture of animals using tranquilizers and makes changes to laws governing animal euthanasia.

Sub. H.B. 116 allows county dog wardens to utilize a tranquilizer gun to capture stray or vicious dogs without the need to have a licensed veterinarian present. Under current law, a licensed veterinarian must be present in order for a dog warden to use a tranquilizer gun to capture a potentially dangerous dog.

The legislation also allows a more humane way to euthanize dogs in shelters by permitting wardens to tranquilize dogs prior to euthanasia. Currently, someone must physically restrain the dog for the warden to administer a euthanasia injection, which can be traumatic for the dog and dangerous to the warden.

“This bill provides another tool for Ohio dog wardens that provides safety and comfort for both the dog warden and the animal,” said Rep. Pelanda.

According to Sub. H.B. 116, the Ohio Pharmaceutical Board, in collaboration with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, would have the authority to determine which drugs can be used for chemical capture, which would allow for flexibility in the use of the appropriate drugs.

The issue was brought to Rep. Pelanda’s attention by Union County Dog Warden Mary Beth Hall, as well as representatives of the Ohio Dog Wardens Association, the Ohio Veterinary Association, the Ohio Pharmaceutical Board, and the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.

Sub. H.B. 116 passed with strong bipartisan support and will move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.