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Ohio House Passes Bill to Help Revitalize Neighborhoods, Update the Foreclosure Process

November 17, 2015
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS—The Ohio House of Representatives today passed unanimously House Bill 134, sponsored by State Representatives Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) and Mike Curtin (D-Marble Cliff). HB 134 seeks to expedite the foreclosure process and transfer of unoccupied parcels, and to make other changes relative to residential foreclosure actions.

“As a former mayor and now a state representative I am well aware of the problems created by these nuisance properties. They are a cancer that grows in neighborhoods and this bill will dramatically reduce the time it takes to foreclose these problem properties for all communities in Ohio,” said Grossman.

The bill provides potential changes to summary foreclosure actions to vacant and abandoned properties, modifies judicial sale procedures, and establishes criminal punishment to situations regarding the owner’s physical harm to property in foreclosure. Additionally, this legislation places increased duties on the clerk of the court of common pleas with respect to notices of judgments of foreclosure.

The changes are meant to help expedite the foreclosure process and restore Ohio’s communities that suffer from an influx of vacant or abandoned properties, especially in metropolitan areas. Many times, these properties can prohibit the growth of surrounding areas by giving off a negative perception and increasing the chances of vandalism and crime. HB 134 would make it easier to sell these parcels and begin the process of rehabilitating these areas.

HB 134 now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.