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Ohio House Passes Bill to Ensure Consumer Freedom

November 15, 2023
Republican Newsroom

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COLUMBUS— The Ohio House of Representative today passed House Bill 201, legislation to protect consumer freedom when purchasing automobiles and other equipment, announced bill sponsor, State Rep. Brett Hillyer (R-Uhrichsville).

House Bill 201 will prevent Ohio from signing on to or taking steps to mandate emissions standards through emergency protocols of the Clean Air Act of 1970.

“This legislation will prevent undue burdens on our residents, particularly those in low-income communities who may struggle with the higher costs of transitioning to electric vehicles,” said Hillyer. “Ohio is not California and therefore, should not be treated as such.”

Highlights of the bill are as follows: 

  • Allows Ohio consumers to choose the type of automobiles, lawn equipment, and other motorized equipment that best suits their needs and preferences;
  • Promotes market diversity by ensuring a wide range of vehicle options for Ohioans; and
  • Protects affordability for Ohioans by avoiding the costs associated with a mandatory electric vehicle program.

House Bill 201 now moves to the Ohio Senate for consideration.