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Ohio House Passes Bill Creating Committee to Study Aerospace Industry

December 11, 2013
Republican Newsroom

The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 292, which creates a study committee that would study the aerospace and technology industry.

The Aerospace and Technology Study Committee would consist of 13 members, including three state senators, three state representatives and one appointment by the governor. The six members from the House and Senate would then appoint six more members representing entities like the aerospace industry, the military, or academia.

“The creation of this study committee will help legislators and industry professionals address the issues and needs facing the aerospace industry, which is an incredibly important part of Ohio’s economy,” said Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder.

Beginning July 2014, the committee would be tasked with providing an annual report of its findings and suggestions to the Senate President, Speaker of the House and Governor. Specifically, the report would include strategies for promoting the industry, ideas for the sharing of resources and other research and development procedures.

HB 292 now heads to the Senate for further consideration.