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Ohio House Approves Rules for 133rd General Assembly

February 6, 2019
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS - The Ohio House of Representatives today approved the House Rules for the 133rd General Assembly.

The resolution confirming Rules of the House for the 133rd General Assembly passed with strong bipartisan support. Rules for this general assembly have been updated to reflect references to the current general assembly while also including the following notable changes:

-Committees will have a 60/40 split between Majority/Minority party

-Substitute bills cannot be considered before Legislative Service Commission synopsis is available

-Eliminates blocking amendments

-Limits tabling of amendments in committee

-Any member may insist on call for yeas & nays

-Eliminates requirements that discharge petitions be signed in front of the Clerk

-There will be three sub-committees co-chaired by the Majority and Minority Caucus: Criminal Sentencing, Energy Generation, and Primary/Secondary Education

“We’re back in the People’s House,” said Speaker Householder. “With the rules that were unanimously approved today, we have laid the groundwork for a highly successful 133rd General Assembly. We will be a more collaborative, transparent body; the people of Ohio will be well served by a more open process and these rules are a significant step in that direction.”