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Lipps Issues Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine

January 29, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Representative Scott Lipps (R-Franklin) today issued the following statement regarding the COVID-19 vaccine:

“I am and will remain 100% opposed to forced mandates and employees being terminated or otherwise coerced for not getting a vaccine (particularly when they have a medical exemption).

As for my record, my children and grandchildren are all vaccinated and last week, I personally arranged for my parents of 87 and 85 years of age to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

My work in the legislature has directly expanded public access to vaccines by sponsoring and passing legislation giving pharmacists and podiatrists the ability to give vaccines and flu shots, respectively.  

As State Representative of the 62nd House District, it is my duty to ensure all Ohioans have equitable access to any vaccine that might become available. However, it is against my values as a conservative to promote government mandated vaccine or to encourage medically-exempt individuals to be discriminated against in the workplace because of a vaccine.  

I remain committed to working for my constituents and for all Ohioans, which includes honoring the informed consent process for all people.”