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Legislators from Ohio, Pennsylvania Discuss Energy Reliability, Sustainability, and Affordability

February 2, 2024
Republican Newsroom

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COLUMBUS –Members of the Ohio General Assembly and Pennsylvania Senate met in Columbus yesterday for a joint committee hearing to discuss energy reliability, sustainability, and affordability, announced House Public Utilities Chairman Dick Stein (R-Norwalk).

The hearing included testimony from PJM, the organization that manages the mid-Atlantic power grid, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and other energy industry experts. 

“These hearings are intended to elevate the urgency of lost generation through the early forced retirement of our existing fossil fuel fleet and the rapidly growing need for additional, affordable generation,” said Stein. “I hope that together, government at all levels will work to solve this upcoming crisis to avoid a life-threatening catastrophic failure to our grid.”

The committee consisted of two panels that focused on state and national energy impacts and another that focused on consumer and generational impacts.  

“Grid stability requires a diverse energy portfolio and actions taken by any one state can have resounding and immediate impacts on neighboring states,” said Pennsylvania Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Loyalsock Township). “I’m thankful to our neighbors in Ohio for recognizing the urgency of this issue and joining with me to proactively protect our region’s families and businesses from catastrophic rolling blackouts and skyrocketing costs.” 

“The time is now to plan for the future of our ever-expanding energy needs. As a member of the Public Utilities Committee, we must be proactive in protecting Ohioans and our nation from unplanned power outages,” said Rep. Monica Robb Blasdel (R-Columbiana County). “Our energy grid should increase in diversity to create a more sustainable future and avoid grid failure.”

“Fostering cross-state collaboration, the Joint Public Utilities Committee is a hub for shared knowledge and cooperative efforts. In addressing the energy needs of both states, this alliance paves the way for a resilient and sustainable future that is beneficial to communities on both sides of the border, especially when federal policies are limiting the PJM Interconnection,” said Rep. Darrell Kick (R-Loudonville). “A special thanks to Chairman Stein for his instrumental role in putting together this event, uniting legislators and initiatives for a brighter energy future.”

"Ohio has a booming economy, and this fact means we need reliable resources to power our businesses and homes," said Sen. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin). "Our goal and objective are to get the facts and understand them so we can enact good, strong energy policy so all Ohioans can keep the lights on. We also need to stand up for ourselves against rushed energy policies at all levels that do not correlate with our needs and wants.”

Watch the full joint committee meeting here.