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Legislation to Help Local Issues Heads to Governor Kasich

December 16, 2016
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS—State Representative Robert McColley (R-Napoleon) today announced the passage of Senate Bill 3, a bill that deals with various education issues and includes a provision that he has been pushing for his entire first term.

This provision, which passed the House in the spring as HB 441, would allow non-public school students to play sports at either their home school district or at the district in which their non-public school is located, fixing a huge issue that families who attend St. Mary’s Catholic School in Leipsic have been facing.

In addition, the legislation would prohibit students from being denied the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities simply because of their enrollment in College Credit Plus courses. This provision is also unfortunately needed after such an occurrence in Rep. McColley’s district was brought to his attention.

“The goal of this legislation is to promote school choice for Ohio’s families and to eliminate the disincentives a student may have from advancing his or her education through a program we put in place in the College Credit Plus Program,” McColley said. “It just doesn’t seem right for there to be an outright ban on participation in either situation that constituents in my district have encountered.”

Senate Bill 3 passed both the House and the Senate last week and now heads to Governor Kasich for approval.