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Lampton's Auditor Emergency Assessment Act Passes House

March 3, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 51, legislation sponsored by State Representative Brian Lampton (R-Beavercreek) that would give county auditors the authority to provide tax relief to Ohio’s property owners with damaged or destroyed property.

Also referred to as the Auditor Emergency Assessment Act, House Bill 51 allows a county auditor to offer tax relief to property owners whose properties are damaged or destroyed by reassessing their property value in situations where the auditor knows the extent of the damage that has occurred and can reasonably approximate the date the damage occurred.

“The current law requires a property owner to take care of all paperwork and documentation following their property getting damaged. A lot of times, these folks’ homes can be completely destroyed and the last thing on their mind is filling out evaluations on what used to be their home,” said Lampton. “I am proud of my colleagues for showing their support of my first bill as State Representative.”

House Bill 51 would also eliminate the notary requirement when filing the damaged or destroyed property notice. This change will not eliminate the ability of a property owner to complete the form on their own, nor will it legally require the county auditor to fill out the form on their behalf. 

The Auditor’s Emergency Assessment Act was originally introduced by Lampton’s predecessor, Rick Perales, in the 133rd General Assembly where it also passed out of the House with unanimous support but died in the Senate. Lampton stated his confidence in seeing the bill pass in the Senate and getting signed into law before the end of the 134th General Assembly.

“Our constituents rely on us as elected officials to pass bills that will make their lives better and easier, and this legislation does just that through easing the burden on struggling Ohioans dealing with damaged property evaluations. I look forward to seeing this bill continue to make progress through this GA,” Lampton concluded.

House Bill 51 now awaits consideration in the Senate.