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House Committees Begin Hearings on Self-Defense Protection Act, Bill to Modernize Alcohol Franchise Law

November 14, 2023
Republican Newsroom

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COLUMBUS— The House Criminal Justice Committee today began hearings on House Bill 233, the Self-Defense Protection Act, announced bill sponsor, State Rep. Brett Hillyer (R-Uhrichsville).

The Act will safeguard individuals’ rights to assert self-defense by modernizing and clarifying pretrial and trial procedures. The legislation will also ensure that individuals who act in self-defense receive fair and just consideration through Ohio’s legal system.

“This critical legislation upholds principles of justice and individual rights,” said Hillyer. 

The House Commerce and Labor Committee today also began hearings on Hillyer’s bill to modernize Ohio’s Alcohol Franchise Law. 

House Bill 306 will allow craft breweries that produce fewer than 250,000 barrels annually, to engage in contracts with distributors that meet their individual needs. Under current law, craft breweries are bound to their distributor in perpetuity, even if both parties wish to get out of the agreement.

“This legislation supports small businesses while also fostering the growth of a promising and emerging sector within our state,” said Hillyer during sponsor testimony. “The bill will give craft breweries a freedom that most small businesses in Ohio already have.”

Both bills await further consideration in House committees.