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House Approves Measure to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

March 3, 2022
Republican Newsroom

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A measure that would allow law-abiding Ohioans to carry a concealed handgun without a permit has been approved by the Ohio House of Representatives.

State Representative Shane Wilkin (R-Hillsboro), who chairs the House Government Oversight Committee, which considered the bill, said the legislation is the result of extensive deliberation in the House and Senate. 

It is the most significant 2nd Amendment legislation approved by lawmakers in years.

“This measure is straight forward: It empowers law-abiding Ohioans to better protect themselves, without getting permission from the government,” Wilkin said. “This law isn’t for criminals. It’s for law-abiding people who want the peace of mind that they can defend themselves from criminals.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 215, is similar to a measure approved by the House in November. That bill also went through Wilkin’s committee.

Under the bill, if you are 21 and legally qualify for a concealed carry license, you can legally carry that handgun concealed for any lawful purposes with no additional licenses, fees or paperwork required.

Ohioans could still apply for a concealed handgun license if they wish but it would no longer be mandatory. Some Ohioans, for example, may seek a concealed-carry permit for reciprocity purposes when traveling to other states.

The bill was given final approval by the Senate today and now heads to the desk of Governor Mike DeWine.

Wilkin, a hunter and sportsman, has consistently fought to defend Ohioans’ 2nd Amendment rights at the Statehouse, including supporting a new measure to prevent politicians and government bureaucrats from using emergency declarations to close firearms dealers or restrict the lawful ownership of firearms.