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Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy: Celebrating Our Independence

June 29, 2016
Republican Newsroom

Much has changed for our nation since gaining our independence in 1776, however one thing that hasn’t changed is the pride and patriotism that Americans have for living in the greatest country on Earth.

Not only are we lucky enough to call the greatest country home, but we are also able to call Ohio home, a state where pride and patriotism are rooted deep in our Midwest culture. As Ohioans, we embody the definition of American; hardworking, selfless and unwavering in our love for our country.

These qualities can also be seen throughout our men and women in the military. Without these American heroes, we would not be able to celebrate our nation’s independence 240 years later. Countless brave military members have fought to preserve our Ohio values that we hold dear, something I am always reminded of every Fourth of July.

Our founding fathers also embodied the true meaning of being an American. They demonstrated courage and determination by fighting for their principles; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because of their fight, these American principles continue to endure as the bedrock of this great nation.

From our founding fathers to our military veterans, to the Midwest spirit found right here in western Ohio, we all have a deep love and admiration for our country in common. I am incredibly thankful to live in this nation and to represent the best constituents and American citizens as your state representative.

This year, I hope you are able to share my enthusiasm in embracing our American patriotism. Whether you are celebrating right here in western Ohio, or travelling to be with loved ones, I wish you and yours a very happy Fourth of July!