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Finance Chairman Ron Amstutz Releases Statement on Medicaid Timeline

July 30, 2013
Republican Newsroom

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Chairman of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster) today released the following statement regarding the timeline on moving forward with Medicaid reforms:

“I think it is helpful to look at the full context of what I was saying when several media reporters asked me yesterday about whether anything is going to happen on the Medicaid issue. I indicated that there is frustration on all sides of this issue, and that the question is what we choose to do with our frustration.

“Obviously, complaining is one choice. However, I view complaints about not taking action on this issue last month as positive pressure for us to move forward.

“Let’s keep in mind that this is not my project. I’m simply the chairman of one committee in the House responding to questions from the media. It is a group project that spans all House and Senate caucuses and also involves the executive branch and a significant array of citizens and interested parties.

“Further, the fact that we have not met previously articulated schedules for acting on this does not diminish the value of setting action dates. This, too, is a form of self-imposed pressure to help us focus on moving forward on this very important, but high risk policy project.”