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Edwards Testifies on Bill to Add Transparency to Health Orders

February 10, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) today provided sponsor testimony to House Bill 90, legislation that would add legislative transparency and oversight into the process of health orders. House Bill 90 had its first hearing today in the House State and Local Government Committee.

A companion bill to Senate Bill 22, House Bill 90 expands upon the ability to rescind orders from any department within the administration related to a public health crisis. House Bill 90 also establishes that a public health crisis order expires 60 days after being issued, unless extended by the General Assembly. If the General Assembly does not extend the order, it cannot be reissued for a period of 90 days. 

“House Bill 90 strikes an important balance,” said Edwards. “In one hand, it continues to allow the executive branch to respond to emergencies and protect Ohioans in times of crisis. But it also says that authority is not unlimited and it better ensures our constituents’ voices are being heard.”

House Bill 90 has 25 co-sponsors in addition to Edwards and his joint sponsor, State Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wayne County). The legislation will continue to have hearings in the House State and Local Government Committee.