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Click, Ohio House Members Send Letter Supporting East Knox Board of Education

The letter comes after intimidation efforts from a group to prevent prayer at public meetings
March 3, 2023
Republican Newsroom

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State Rep. Gary Click (R-Vickery) has sent a supportive letter to the East Knox Board of Education after the group has faced intimidation efforts from the Freedom from Religion Foundation. A total of 14 representatives from the Ohio Legislative Prayer Caucus signed onto the letter.

The intimidation efforts included preventing prayer at the public board meetings and calling on member Matt Schwartz to be removed for his religious beliefs.

“We are aware that you have received an intimidating letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation designed to intimidate you, Pastor Schwartz, and the entire school board,” Click wrote in the letter. “We would like to begin by reminding you that there is no American doctrine or tradition of freedom “from” religion but rather freedom ‘of’ religion.”

Click notes that their letter is accompanied with a supportive letter for the board by the Congressional Payer Caucus Foundation, which the Ohio Legislative Prayer Caucus is an affiliate of and stands in solidarity with on this issue.

“We encourage the East Knox Board of Education to resist the intimidation tactics of a vocal minority intent on stifling free speech and the freedom of religious expression,” Click added in the letter.