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Captain America is Welcome in Ohio

By Speaker William G. Batchelder (R-Medina)
June 15, 2013
Republican Newsroom

Typically when there are overturned vehicles and explosions on the streets of Cleveland, I find cause for concern. But with the filming of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” taking place here, Ohioans can consider the Hollywood effects as a very good thing.

Last September we found out that the Captain America movie would be filming in multiple locations throughout the city. I was very pleased that yet another production crew would be coming to shoot in Ohio and taking advantage of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit.

The Motion Picture Tax Credit is an incentive to attract those who are making films to make all or portions of their production in Ohio. This includes feature-length films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and many others. During the previous General Assembly, Rep. Mike Dovilla, from Berea, sponsored legislation to increase funding for the tax incentive. It passed overwhelmingly, with broad bipartisan support.

With our state’s urban and suburban communities, in addition to our farmland, industrial towns, hills and bodies of water, it makes sense that Ohio would be a great place to come and film for a less expensive cost. We offer everything from hot and sunny days to picturesque and snowy winter evenings. And many of our state’s top attractions could make a great movie backdrop, which has been proven time and again.

Hollywood producers and directors already know that the cost of living is lower in Ohio, and they are willing to take advantage of that. In fact, Ohio is 41 percent less expensive than the Los Angeles region and 50 percent less expensive than Manhattan. When Ohio offers tax breaks and low-cost permitting, that makes the deal all the better.

With the crews coming to Ohio, our local economies stand to benefit. Not only do the crews stay overnight and dine in our facilities, but they also purchase supplies here and employ a good number of people. The business they bring is of greater value than the tax credit itself.

Watching great movies is something that we enjoy doing with our friends and family. It provides a common experience that brings each of us closer together. Although we have become accustomed to thinking of the films as from lands far away, the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit is bringing them even closer to reality than we ever thought they would be. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is just one more example of the gains Ohio has made.