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Baldridge Gives Testimony in Michigan Senate Committee

May 5, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Representative Brian Baldridge (R-Winchester) last week visited Lansing, Michigan to testify in the Senate Energy Committee and meet with the Michigan Senate leadership team regarding Ohio House Resolution 13. 

House Resolution 13 urges the Governor of the State of Michigan and the Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to make all efforts to keep Enbridge Line 5 operating. 

Line 5 is a part of Enbridge’s mainline system that carries fuel from Alberta’s oil sands to the Midwestern US and Eastern Canada. It is a key conduit for refineries in those regions, which make gas, propane, home-health oils and jet fuels. Although it’s located in Michigan, Line 5 employs several Ohioans. 

“I drove to Michigan for one reason: to protect Ohio jobs,” said Baldridge. “We cannot allow a political decision to get in the way of hardworking Ohioans providing for their families. House Resolution 13 would keep Line 5 safely operating and protect Ohio jobs and protect the Great Lakes Regions’ shared economy.”

House Resolution 13 recently passed out of the Ohio House Transportation and Public Safety Committee, which Baldridge chairs, with unanimous support.

“As a former county commissioner, I understand the real local impact that these changes in energy infrastructure create. This decision by Michigan’s executive branch will negatively affect the everyday lives of Ohioans and Michiganders alike. Every job matters, and every job should be fought for,” concluded Baldridge.