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UT receives state funds to transition university-created technology to market

May 16, 2016
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of $100,000  in state funds to the University of Toledo (UT) for their Technology Validation and Start-up Fund project. The project provides grants to transition technology developed by UT into the marketplace. 

“The University of Toledo has long been an institution of cutting-edge ideas, helping create new technologies and opportunities that drive job growth,” said Ashford. “These funds will help propel the college’s efforts to the forefront of the private sector, putting the university ahead of the curve by leading in innovation.”

The funds will be released to UT for two separate projects, with both receiving $50,000. One of the projects includes testing and developing software in and effort to manage the charge and extend the lifetime of lithium ion batteries. The second project consists of testing and developing a coating for plastic trim on automobiles that is both scratch and UV resistant.

The University of Toledo will provide a $50,000 match for each project. The grants fund phase one of both projects.