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Republicans Power Grab a Continued Assault on People's Right to Hold Government Accountable

May 30, 2024
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS - Ohio House Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) today released the following statement following the passage of the undemocratic House Bill 1 through the Ohio House of Representatives: 

“Republicans, once again, used their gerrymandered supermajority to attack some of Ohioans most sacred fundamental freedoms. This was never about so-called ‘foreign money’ or getting President Biden on the ballot. This was always about extremists' continued assault on citizen-led ballot initiatives because they could care less what the people want. Extremists have always only cared about what they want, and all they want is absolute power, no matter its corruptive cost,” said Leader Russo. “This power grab strengthens an already politically motivated attorney general and is a calculated, preemptive strike against the upcoming citizen-led ballot initiative to reform the redistricting process because extremists know their selfish values don’t align with the values of real Ohioans. So, before the people can give citizens, not politicians, the power to ungerrymander Ohio, extremists are trying to cut it off at the knees. This body has again failed the people of Ohio and only cemented its legacy as one of the most undemocratic, unpopular, and unproductive General Assemblies in our state's history.”