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Rep. Ramos Responds to Republicans' Announcement of So-Called Right to Work Legislation

April 30, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS – Today, Reps. Kristina Roegner (R – Hudson) and Ron Maag (R – Lebanon) announced their intention to introduce two pieces of legislation that would bring “Right to Work” to Ohio.  The first of the two bills proposes so-called “Right to Work” legislation for the private sector and the latter proposes similar legislation for the public sector.  Following the announcements, Rep. Dan Ramos (D – Lorain) issued the following statement:

 “Despite the overwhelming opposition Ohioans displayed during the Senate Bill 5 debacle, Republican legislators are continuing to be relentless in their attacks on organized labor and the middle class.  More than 60 percent of those who voted in 2011 were clear in their opposition to this very kind of legislation, yet Republican lawmakers have chosen to disregard the public and act on their own personal agenda.

 “The only thing this so-called ‘Right to Work’ will bring to Ohio is the right to work for less.  Middle and working class Ohioans will eventually see their pay decrease, their working conditions worsen, and suffer the loss of benefits crucial in creating the stability required to raise a family if this legislation is passed.

 “Last year House and Senate Republicans seemingly denied this legislation was on its way to the House floor.  Governor John Kasich assured Ohioans this was not a priority of his, and House Speaker William Batchelder asserted that he did not believe there was an appetite for ‘Right to Work’ legislation.  Now we see, once again, the true intentions of the current majority – which are to deconstruct organized labor, at any cost, even if it means middle and working class families are hurt in the process.”