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Rep. Pillich's Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses Makes Budget Bill

House Bill 22 cherry-picked for inclusion in state's operating budget
April 11, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

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State Representative Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery) announced today that her legislative proposal to ensure unemployment compensation for military spouses has been included in preliminary budget changes released by House Republicans on Tuesday.

One year ago, Rep. Pillich was briefing Pentagon officials in Washington D.C. on her measure that would enable the civilian half of a military couple to apply for unemployment compensation when quitting a job due to a military transfer. Today, her proposal is a step closer to becoming a reality.

“I am pleased that some of my colleagues finally realized how important this issue is for Ohio’s military families,” said Rep. Pillich. “This law is long overdue in Ohio. It is a relatively small act that has the potential to produce significant and positive results in the lives of military families.”

The Cincinnati area lawmaker introduced the measure four times previously, only to have it killed by partisan politics each time. 

“I have been working to get this legislation enacted into law for several years now,” Rep. Pillich added. “I am glad that advocacy and issue awareness have finally paid off.  Now, those who dutifully serve our country will no longer put their families at such a disadvantage if they are required to relocate.”

Currently, only six states prohibit unemployment compensation for military spouses. About 51 percent of military spouses are employed outside of military-related industries, and each military transfer causes them to lose about six to nine months of wages.

Rep. Pillich served on active duty in the United States Air Force for eight years. She is the ranking member on the House Committee on Military & Veterans Affairs.