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Rep. Dan Ramos Reacts to Panel's Party Line Vote to Move State Budget

April 16, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS— In preparation for the House Finance and Appropriations Committee’s anticipated vote on the state budget, where the House Republicans stripped the Medicaid expansion provision included in the Governor’s proposal last week in the substitute version of the bill, Rep. Ramos (D-Lorain), who serves on the House Finance & Appropriations Committee, released the following statement:

 “I am shocked and disappointed that the House Republican Majority has failed to see the clear benefits of expanding Medicaid. The expansion would cover hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, reduce the cost of delivering healthcare by providing access to cost efficient preventative care and keep Ohio taxpayer dollars in the state.

 “Without the expansion, Ohio taxpayer dollars will likely go towards the expansion of Medicaid programs in other states and our citizens will be left paying for a service they don’t receive.

 "I am hopeful that my colleagues across the aisle will reconsider their stance for the good of the people."

 Representative Ramos joined other House Democrats by introducing a bill to expand Medicaid outside the budget process. Two proposals to reestablish the Medicaid expansion in the state budget, heard in the Finance & Appropriations Committee, were tabled on party lines.