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Rep. Clyde denounces GOP official's statement on making voting harder

Lawmaker urges SOS Husted to Switch It On to expand registration and voting
September 16, 2015
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS— State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) released the following statement today in response to recently discovered comments made this summer by GOP county commissioners about online voter registration. 

Medina GOP County Commissioners have cited an unexplained threat of “fraud” to justify their lack of support for online voter registration. However, Commissioner Adam Friedrick went so far as to reveal his true thoughts about voting: “I think voting is a privilege that people should make more of an effort to exercise,” he said. “That’s why I think we should make it hard for people to vote, not easy.”

Rep. Clyde’s statement: 

“Although this statement by a GOP elected official is truly shocking, it perfectly describes the game plan of the GOP to restrict Ohioans’ right to vote. We have seen voting rights attacked by bill after bill and hundreds of thousands of voters purged from Ohio’s rolls. Let’s be very clear: voting is a RIGHT and it is our sworn duty as elected officials’ to uphold it and protect it.  

“Online voter registration would bring voting in Ohio into modern times and expand access to voting rights. I urge Secretary Husted to switch on full online voter registration without delay so Ohioans can start using the system in advance of the next major election. While Secretary Husted is waiting for people like Mr. Friedrick to enter this century, Ohioans are stuck with an antiquated system of voter registration that defies common sense.”

Secretary Husted’s office hosts a system that allows online voter registration updates only, even though current law permits switching it on for all eligible Ohioans.  Pennsylvania’s Governor and Secretary of State recently launched online voter registration in their state without legislative action.