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Rep. Brigid Kelly announces Governor's signing of Pink Tax Repeal into law

November 6, 2019
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) today announced Senate Bill (SB) 26, which includes a provision she sponsored to eliminate Ohio sales taxes on feminine hygiene products, commonly known as the Pink Tax, was signed by Governor DeWine into law. She released the following statement:

“I am appreciative of the Governor for signing this bill making medically necessary products more equitably accessible to women and girls in our state. This is an important step towards ensuring that everyone who has a period is able to lead a healthful life and fully participate in their communities as they choose.”

Anusha Singh, Policy Director of PERIOD Non-profit and President of PERIOD at The Ohio State University, served as a community proponent of the bill. Regarding the signing of the bill into law, Anusha stated:

“I started PERIOD at The Ohio State University to empower people around me to break down the stigma surrounding periods, and fight period poverty through advocating for the elimination of the Pink Tax. I believe that eliminating the Pink Tax in Ohio is one of the most tangible steps we can take in the fight for gender equality.”

Kelly previously sponsored legislation to eliminate the pink tax in the 132nd General Assembly, which passed the House before stalling in the Senate. Ohio now joins 15 other states who have embarked on the tampon tax push to exempt feminine products from sales tax, saving women nearly $4 million each year.