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Hagan Asks Ohio Health Department to Detail Ebola Preparedness

October 15, 2014
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) sent a letter Tuesday to Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director Rick Hodges requesting the state’s preparedness plan for a potential Ebola infection in the state. The lawmaker stressed the importance of treatment, prevention and quarantine protocols to contain any potential patients.

“In light of this ongoing outbreak, I believe it is imperative that Ohio has adequate protocols in place to treat any cases in our state and to prevent transmission of potentially deadly diseases,” said Rep. Hagan. “It is important that the new leadership at ODH is able to communicate a comprehensive contagion management plan to health providers, lawmakers and taxpayers.”

The lawmaker’s letter follows the infection of over 8,000 individuals worldwide, mainly in Western Africa. To date in the United States, one patient has died from the Ebola virus in Dallas, TX.

A copy of Rep. Hagan’s letter can be seen below.

Richard Hodges, Director

Ohio Dept. of Health

246 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Dear Director Hodges,

I write to you with concern regarding Ohio’s preparedness to prevent the spread of highly-communicable infectious diseases. As the executive agency tasked with protecting public well-being, the Department of Health must maintain robust, comprehensive protocols in the event that Ohioans are exposed to a deadly virus. 

We, as a global community, are currently in the midst of the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Despite the outbreak greatly affecting countries in Western Africa, we live in such an interconnected world that the disease has already infected and killed individuals in Europe and the United States.

In light of this ongoing outbreak, I believe it is imperative that Ohio has adequate protocols in place to treat any future infected individuals in our state and to prevent transmission at that time. As such, I respectfully request that the Department of Health update my office on what steps are actively being taken to prevent the disease from spreading to Ohio, as well as the protocols that will be followed should an infected individual surface in Ohio, including quarantine procedures.  

I look forward to your timely response to my letter.


Representative Robert F. Hagan

House District 58