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GOP Budget Rewards Few, Hurts Schools and Local Communities

April 19, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives passed the state budget after many hours of delay and debate. Among the many provisions in the 138,000-line document, the budget increases state spending, perpetuates funding cuts to schools and local communities, rejects a 10% targeted middle class tax cut, and fails to expand Medicaid despite pleas of support from business leaders and health care providers across the state.  Following the vote, state Representative Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery) issued the following statement:

 "With this budget, the legislature increases state spending by over $7 billion, but short-changes our public schools.  By doing so, it short-changes our future. 

 “A strong and vibrant economy is intrinsically tied to a strong public education system.  The legislature has abandoned its duty to our state with this selfish, misguided bill."