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Extreme legislation to make it easier for teachers to carry guns takes effect today

HB 99 puts children, communities in danger, fails to address gun violence
September 13, 2022
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- Today, House Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) issued a statement as House Bill (HB) 99, Republican legislation that allow teachers and staff to be armed in schools takes effect. Law enforcement, teachers’ unions, civil rights groups and students all strongly opposed this legislation.

“Schools are the absolute last place where we need more guns. Arming our teachers will only put students in more danger,” said Leader Russo.  “Instead of extreme legislation like HB 99, we should be focusing on proactive, proven gun safety solutions that reduce gun violence and keep our communities safe.”

Ohio Democrats’ commonsense gun safety bills include:

HB 38 (West, Miller, A.) Repeal “Stand Your Ground”
SB 73 (Thomas) / HB 259 (Robinson, Miller, A.) Universal background checks
SB 74 (Thomas) Raise minimum age to purchase firearm to 21
SB 75 (Thomas, Williams) Regulate transfer of firearms at gun shows
SB 76 (Thomas, Craig) / HB 274 (Upchurch, Jarrells) Restore local control to regulate firearms-related conduct
SB 77 (Thomas) Ban bump stocks and other items that accelerate semi-automatic firearms
SB 138 (Williams) / HB 257 (Russo, Smith, M.) Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (“Red Flag” law)
SB 205 (Thomas) Gun Violence Awareness Month
HB 262 (Miranda, Kelly) Prohibit negligent firearm storage
HB 360 (Miranda, Smith) Designate Gun Violence Awareness Month
HB 661 (Crossman, Hicks-Hudson) Require gun trigger locks with firearm sales