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Dem weighs in on AG Yost's indulgence of radical election conspiracy theories: "This has got to stop."

December 9, 2020
Democratic Newsroom

Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson (D-Toledo) today issued a statement in response to the Ohio Attorney General's comments indicating he is considering joining on behalf of Ohio a lawsuit by Texas officials to subvert democracy and overturn the will of this nation's voters. 

"This has got to stop. The ongoing efforts of Republicans to disregard the results of the presidential election and to even overturn that result are an affront to democracy and to the values of this country. Now Ohio Attorney General Yost is further indulging in these autocratic fantasies, too, as he contemplates wasting Ohio's resources by adding Ohio to another unnecessary challenge to the will of American voters. Ohio should not be dragged into the sideshow antics, lies, and unprofessional conduct of conspiracy theorists. This endangers people's lives. This endangers our democracy. This has got to stop."