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Clyde: Biden's presence at Ohio State underscores need for honest conversation about sexual assault on campus

September 17, 2015
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) released the following statement in advance of Vice President Joe Biden’s visit* to Ohio State University (OSU) to advocate for changes in the way sexual assault is prevented and handled on college campuses:

“Vice President Biden’s presence at Ohio State tonight underscores the harsh reality of sexual assault in America and the need for an honest conversation about it, especially on college campuses. Though one-in-five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, most assaults continue to go unreported. We can no longer tolerate victim shaming or inaction seen on far too many college campuses across the country. The pain and fear felt by sexual assault victims is heart wrenching and I am proud of Vice President Biden and schools like OSU who are taking a stand to educate and protect students, friends, neighbors and classmates from sexual assault. This isn’t an easy conversation, but it’s one we need to have with all young people in an open and honest way.”

*Editor’s note: Clyde will attend this evening’s forum and can be reached for additional comment following the event.