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Resolution Marking Bicentennial of Battle of Lake Erie Passes OH House

Rep. Redfern's HCR 20 recognizes Ohioans' contributions to War of 1812 victory
November 7, 2013
Democrat Newsroom

Rep. Chris Redfern (D- Catawba Island) announced that on Wednesday the Ohio House of Representatives unanimously passed House Concurrent Resolution 20, commemorating the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie and the War of 1812, by a vote of 96-0. The battle was a turning-point in the War of 1812 and a catalyst for the eventual American victory over the British.

“Over Labor Day weekend, we marked the Battle of Lake Erie’s bicentennial with one of the largest gatherings of tall ships on the Great Lakes and a series of events on the American and Canadian shores,” Rep. Redfern said. “This resolution, however modest, marks the historic significance of the Battle of Lake Erie, the War of 1812 and the peace we have enjoyed with Canada and Great Britain since that time.”

The War of 1812 was a 32-month military conflict between the United States and Great Britain and their Native American allies. On September 10, 1813 the Battle of Lake Erie took place near Put-in-Bay’s South Bass Island. Donned with Commodore Oliver Perry’s famous “Don’t Give Up The Ship” battle flag, the U.S. naval commander led 9 Navy vessels to capture or sink six British Royal Navy vessels.

 Even though the War of 1812 would continue for another two years following the Battle of Lake Erie, the important battle triggered the collapse of the British western and northern fronts, ended alliances between the Native Americans and the British and led to United States victory.