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Rep. Rogers Opposes Referendum Restriction Bill

Senate Bill 47 greatly limits The People's ability to effectively put issues on the ballot
March 21, 2013
Democrat Newsroom

COLUMBUS- State Rep. John Rogers (D- Mentor-on-the-Lake) released the following statement after voting against Senate Bill 47, a piece of legislation which is a direct attack on the right to referendum. 

“I strongly believe in protecting the right of Ohio citizens to make their voices heard through referendum.  One of the core principles of our democracy is the presence of checks and balances.

“When the will of the people differs with that of the government there must be mechanisms in place to allow Ohioans to have a voice.  Senate Bill 47 restricts the ability of our citizens to initiate a statewide referendum and limits the opportunity for their voice to be heard and their vote to be counted. It is just bad law!”