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Rep. Lepore-Hagan statement after marathon hearing on GOP anti-vaccine bill

October 7, 2021
Democrat Newsroom

State Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown), Ranking Democrat on the House Commerce and Labor Committee, issued a statement today after an informal hearing on House Bill (HB) 435, anti-vaccine legislation that would broadly expand exemptions for those required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. HB 435 would also grant corporations partial legal immunity from COVID-19 related lawsuits. 

“Today’s hearing was another public platform for dangerous misinformation about the vaccine and about unproven, so-called treatments—which went unchallenged by my colleagues across the aisle. If the majority is unwilling to accept the fact that the vaccine is safe, effective and the best way to get the virus under control and our economy back on track, we’re going to prolong this crisis and threaten any sense of recovery we’ve made,” said Rep. Lepore-Hagan. “Additionally, I share concern with workers who take issue with this bill’s inclusion of civil immunity for businesses when employees get sick on the job. We need to stand with workers who deserve safe working conditions, and push for more accountability for businesses who mistreat their hardworking employees. We cannot close the doors of justice in order to protect bad actors.”