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Rep. Johnson issues statement opposing new University of Akron fee

Lawmaker says additional financial burden makes college less accessible to students
July 10, 2015
Democrat Newsroom

In a letter sent today to The University of Akron President Scott Scarborough, Rep. Greta Johnson (D-Akron) expressed her concern over the recent announcement that UA will begin charging an additional $50 per credit hour for upper level classes.

“The letter reflects my own personal concerns as well as those of my constituents whom are directly impacted and have contacted my office,” said Johnson.  “The new fee comes directly following the passage of the state budget which featured a tuition freeze and other efforts to prevent significant increases in the cost of higher education.”

The content of Rep. Johnson’s letter is below:

Dear President Scarborough,

As State Representative of the 35th District, I write in opposition to The University of Akron’s recently introduced $50-per-credit-hour fee for upper level courses. As an alumna of The University of Akron, I am invested in its future and am confident that this institution will overcome its current financial struggles. However, this new fee is not the way to foster that success and will create an additional, undue burden on hardworking students and families.

In the recently passed budget for the State of Ohio, the Legislature and Administration recognized that the cost of higher education in Ohio already presents a significant financial burden to middle and low-income families and took steps to ensure that this cost was not substantially increased. The new fee imposed by The University of Akron will do just that by raising the cost of education significantly for students taking the impacted courses. I find it troubling that this is The University of Akron’s response to the State’s freezing of tuition.

I would strongly urge The University of Akron to reconsider the administration of this new fee as it goes against the state budget’s legislative intent and makes an education through The University of Akron less accessible for many hardworking and deserving students.

If you would like to discuss these issues further, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Greta Johnson                                             

Representative to the 35th House District