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Rep. Galonski statement as GOP hijacks bill celebrating women's suffrage with attempt to clean up Householder mess

September 1, 2020
Democrat Newsroom

COLUMBUS— Ohio House Democratic Women’s Caucus Chair Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) issued a statement following House Republicans’ last-minute amendments to bipartisan Senate Bill (SB) 318 honoring the centennial celebration of women’s suffrage today in House Rules and Reference Committee. Republicans introduced two different amendments with language to remove disgraced former speaker Larry Householder from the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC) and the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB).

House Democrats on the Committee voiced opposition to the amendments, recognizing that while it was indeed important to remove Householder from his seat on JLEC and CSRAB, just as it had been important to remove him from the Ohio House, this apolitical bill commemorating women’s right to vote was not the appropriate vehicle.

“The fact remains that Larry Householder still holds his seat in the Ohio House because Republicans voted to keep him there. Now they are attempting to remove him from less influential positions to simply appear that they are now trying to do the right thing. Instead, what they are actually doing is disrespecting the generations of women who fought for the simple right to vote by tainting a bill meant to commemorate the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Once again, the men in the Majority Caucus show how out-of-touch and insensitive they are to the plight of minorities in this state and it is disgraceful.”

Senate Bill 318 passed the Rules and Reference Committee with the two amendments included to remove Householder from JLEC and CSRAB. The bill now advances to the House floor for a vote today.