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Rep. Crawley statement as House rejects Senate changes to state budget

Says she will continue to push for investments to benefit all Ohioans
June 10, 2021
Democratic Newsroom

House Finance Committee Ranking Member Rep. Erica C. Crawley (D-Columbus) issued a statement today as House lawmakers voted to reject Senate changes to House Bill 110, the state’s two-year budget. 

Crawley said Democrats strongly oppose the Senate’s dramatic changes to school funding and an expanded $874 million tax giveaway to the wealthiest Ohioans while cutting millions of dollars in funding for local communities and broadband internet access for unserved areas of Ohio and restricting access to nutrition assistance for low-income Ohioans. The bill will now move to conference committee.

“The Senate’s changes to the budget take us in the wrong direction—gutting fair school funding, doubling a tax giveaway to millionaires and billionaires, and cutting millions of dollars in funding for local communities and broadband access for unserved areas of the state. Ohioans want to see a budget that is an opportunity for our state’s future, not more of the same tired policies that only benefit the wealthy and well connected. As we head into conference committee, I will continue to prioritize ways to invest in working people, families and the communities they live in so we can ensure our recovery benefits all Ohioans—not just those at the top.”

In addition to HB 110, House lawmakers Thursday voted also to refer the state’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation budget to conference committee.