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Rep. Ashford: Time to Recommit to Dr. King's Dream

Work remains on path towards racial equality
January 17, 2014
Democrat Newsroom

COLUMBUS—Americans from across the nation will celebrate the life and achievements of Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 20th. Dr. King is credited with making significant gains in the fight against segregation and racism. Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) issued the following statement in recognition of Dr. King’s legacy: 

“Dr. King relentlessly spoke out against the social injustice and racial inequality of his time. The best way to honor his legacy is to continue to educate Ohioans about the racial disparity that exists in our country today. Minorities disproportionately inhabit the country’s high poverty neighborhoods. Prison populations reflect a justice system that penalizes minorities at a higher rate than non-minorities. And, while the Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education 60 years ago, schools in areas with high minority rates continue to put these students at an academic disadvantage. Clearly, it is time for a renewed commitment to Dr. King’s dream.”