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House Dems hold independent review of state energy bill amid widespread criticism

Sykes says caucus focused on protecting consumers, public health, good jobs
April 29, 2019
Democrat Newsroom

Amid widespread criticism of House Bill 6, legislation that ends renewable energy standards and increases consumer and business taxes by some $300 million per year, House Democrats this week will hold their own caucus-wide review of the fast-tracked proposal.

“It’s our job as lawmakers to cut through the politics and ugly, false narratives that seem to be surrounding this legislation,” said Leader Sykes. “Our priority with statewide energy policy remains focused on protecting consumers, protecting public health and creating an environment where good jobs grow.”

House Democrats will come together as a caucus this week, independent of official committee hearings, to hear from advocates and opponents of the legislation that critics say is a bailout for First Energy Solutions, the company in bankruptcy proceedings that runs Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants in Ohio.

“Supporting nuclear energy is part of an all-of the-above strategy that keeps energy reliable and secure for Ohioans,” added Sykes. “But taxpayers deserve an honest conversation about how this legislation will impact them directly, and we hope to add to that. Our promise to Ohio taxpayers, consumers and businesses is that we work for them.”

After marathon hearings last week, the bill has yet to be scheduled for a hearing this week as House lawmakers work to release an updated version of the governor’s two-year state budget.