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Fedor comments on DeRolph anniversary

Toledo lawmaker, former teacher says Ohio has failed students, families
March 24, 2016
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) today commented on the nineteenth anniversary of the landmark school funding Supreme Court decision, contending that Ohio has failed children and families and challenging her colleagues in the legislature to put children first.

“Almost two decades after the DeRolph decision, Ohio still does not have a coherent education plan. Instead, the legislature has relied on a drawn-out, piecemeal approach that has failed to deliver the ‘thorough and efficient’ funding necessary to provide our children with the education required to succeed in the 21st century. Though the DeRolph ruling pushed the state closer to funding the construction of new school buildings, it is what takes place inside of our schools that matters most.

“How many children has Ohio failed? How many potential doctors, teachers, and scientists have we held back by not investing properly in our public education system?

“In the near future, the legislature will have the opportunity to implement a real education model that focuses on the needs of our children and not the special interests of the well-funded charter industry. I sincerely hope that my Republican colleagues will take this opportunity to finally put children first in Ohio.”  

Fedor, who spent 18 years in the classroom as before pursuing public service, serves as the top Democratic member on the House Education Committee.