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Democrats condemn GOP bill to prohibit local law enforcement from restricting firearms during riots

SB 185 prevents local governments from taking action to keep Ohioans safe during an emergency
December 1, 2022
Democrat Newsroom

COLUMBUS– State Reps. Richard Brown (D-Canal Winchester), Ranking Member on the House Government Oversight Committee, and Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park), co-founder of the Ohio Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, today condemned the Ohio House passage of Senate Bill (SB) 185, GOP legislation that would prevent local law enforcement from temporarily restricting firearms in areas experiencing unrest or riots. Opponents say SB 185 interferes with the ability of local governments to take necessary actions to protect the health, safety and security of their citizens during an emergency. 

“Senate Bill 185 is another example of a solution in search of a problem,” said Rep. Brown. “It is a dangerous bill that takes power away from local governments to serve and protect their citizens and the interest of their communities. We need commonsense gun laws that will protect Ohioans, not endanger them.” 

“During times of emergency, local law enforcement should have every tool at their disposal to keep Ohioans safe. SB 199 would prevent law enforcement from temporarily inhibiting firearms in areas of unrest, directly putting our police and our citizens in harm’s way. We should not pass legislation that puts law enforcement, first responders and communities in danger,” said Rep. Miranda.

The bill would also declare that firearms businesses and services are life-sustaining and elevate them to the level of “essential” businesses in an emergency, thus giving these types of retail businesses preferential treatment over others.

Democrats introduced two commonsense gun safety amendments to:

Strip the bill of all its provisions except the language to allow the extension of concealed handgun licenses during a period of emergency;
Require that licensed firearms dealers provide information about Ohio’s gun laws with every firearms purchase.

Republicans rejected the amendments.

SB 185 now heads back to the Senate for concurrence.