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Wiggam Supports SAFE Act, Save Women's Sports Act as Ohio Senate Overrides Governor's Veto of HB 68

January 24, 2024
Scott Wiggam News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wayne County) announces the Ohio Senate has override the governor’s veto of the SAFE and Save Women’s Sports acts Wednesday. Wiggam voted to override the veto with the House Jan. 10.

Vetoed by the Governor Dec. 29, House Bill 68 will protect children who are experiencing gender dysphoria from sex change procedures including chemical castration through puberty blockers, and invasive surgical procedures. It also includes the Save Women’s Sports Act, which provides safeguards for women’s-only athletic competitions from kindergarten through college. 

Wiggam released the following statement about the vote:

“Children will now be safe from life-altering decision, while also receiving the mental support they need and women will longer have to worry about men invading their space,” said Wiggam. “I proudly voted with the House to override this veto and the Senate was able to finish the job today. This legislation has been worked on for years and now Ohio will be a place where women and children are valued for who they are.”

House Bill 68 will be enacted into law in 90 days.