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Wiggam Introduces Resolution to prevent mandatory mask mandates

November 14, 2023
Scott Wiggam News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wayne County) has introduced a House Joint Resolution (HJR4) that will allow the voters of Ohio to amend the Ohio Constitution to protect Ohioans from having to wear medical mask or other facial coverings within a public building or any establishment that is open to the public.

“A great number of my constituents wanted their children to be able to attend school, without having their face covered, and their ability to learn stunted,” said Wiggam. “Their calls to us for choice on the issue of masking were not acted upon. This joint resolution will finally give citizens of our state a voice on the issue of mandatory face coverings in places of public accommodation, where public services are rendered, including our schools.”

The resolution clearly defines “places of public accommodation” where a mask can’t be required for entry. Government buildings, schools, and grocery stores are included in the places that cannot discriminate against individuals who either chose not to wear facial coverings or physically cannot wear facial coverings.

The resolution had its first hearing in the House Public Health Policy Committee recently and is currently awaiting additional hearings.