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State Rep. Wiggam Signs onto Open Ohio Responsibly Framework

April 27, 2020
Scott Wiggam News

State Representatives Scott Wiggam (R-Wayne) signed onto a letter to urge Gov. DeWine to follow CDC guidelines and reopen all Ohio’s Business on or before May 1st, 2020.

“Ohioans over the past month have done a terrific job to crush the curve. Unfortunately, this has come at the cost of livelihoods of many individuals and it now time for us to make a return to normalcy. We need to aid Ohioans in getting back to work while still remaining safe by following the outline given by the CDC ” – Rep. Wiggam

Below is the letter:





1. Based on current data, scientific application and actual results, we believe a responsible opening of all businesses can, and should, begin on or before May 1st, 2020.

2. We respect past concerns regarding not overwhelming our hospitals, health systems, front line healthcare workers and first responders as well as ensuring there is an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment for them. In Ohio, we believe we are now past that stage of concern.

3. We respect and greatly appreciate all the healthcare workers and first responders’ efforts during this challenging time as well as all the businesses/organizations that have continued to operate through the Shelter in Place Executive Order.

4. We believe the COVID-19 virus is a real threat and especially problematic for the more vulnerable, the elderly and immuno-compromised people. We should continue our measures to protect this population as well as those who are infected with COVID-19.

5. We believe an overwhelming number of Ohioans are responsible citizens and care for each other.

6. We believe all businesses in Ohio are essential.

7. We respect individuals, business owners and employees’ rights to choose how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

8. Many businesses have already modified their operating protocols to safely function in this current environment. Businesses/organizations recognize if they do not make it safe for their employees and customers, they will not come back.

9. We respect the right for businesses to not open until they are prepared to do so safely.

10. Many people will choose to continue to shelter in place. We respect their choices and right to make those decisions.

11. We believe there are, and will continue to be, major secondary affects from COVID-19 policy decisions.

12. We believe it is time to trust Ohioans. They have respectfully followed the guidelines and NOW is the time to responsibly open all businesses.



All businesses/organizations are strongly recommended to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and are advised to follow appropriate social distancing and other COVID-19 related precautionary guidelines. Local authorities are advised to assist in managing clarity regarding uncertainty. See below for link to CDC guidelines.


1. The Governor will assign Strategic Guidelines for Implementation to local governing bodies including County Commissioners and County Health Boards.

2. Best practices emerging in the state can be monitored and shared via the Governor’s task force.

3. Intent is to provide Ohioans more personal control over their local epidemic prevention actions.  This will:

  1. Increase public involvement in community epidemic preventative actions.
  2. Generate personal initiative and ownership in generating effective prevention.        
  3. Create a sense of hope and proactive behavior in our communities. 


1. If anyone falls within the “more susceptible” profile they are STRONGLY encouraged to stay at home.

2. Anyone with a fever can be refused entry and should be advised to seek medical advice immediately.

3. Social distancing should be practiced.

4. All businesses/organizations are encouraged to implement on-going sanitization and cleansing. Businesses/organizations are advised to work with local authorities if guidance is needed.

5. If you feel sick stay home. If your children are sick, keep them at home.

6. If you are an older person or have a serious underlying health condition, stay home and stay away from other people.

7. If someone in your household has tested positive keep the entire household at home.

8. Work or study from home whenever possible.

9. Always practice good hygiene – wash your hands, avoid touching your face, sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.

Signature & Affirmation Section:

We do hereby agree to the above noted Guiding Principles, Recommended Guidelines, Concept of Operations and Other Recommended COVID-19 Related Precautionary Guidelines.  I affirm my support of these urgent measures hereto. We implore Governor DeWine to incorporate this framework into the Open Ohio Plan.


Paul Zeltwanger                                                                     

Ohio State Representative - District 54                               Signing as State Representative Only                                     

Not as Chairman of the Ohio House 2020 Economic Recovery Task Force


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