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Ohio House Passes Bill to Protect First Responders

May 9, 2024
Scott Wiggam News

COLUMBUS— State Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wayne County) legislation to exempt certain sensitive information about first responders from disclosure under public records law passed a House floor vote Wednesday.

Under Ohio’s current public records law, work schedules, redaction request forms, and affidavits of Ohio’s first responders can be accessed through public records requests. Under House Bill 265, these documents will be protected from public use. 

“These men and women are in our communities making them a safer place,” said Wiggam. “They protect us in our time of need and with legislation we can protect them and their families when they step away from the job.”

This legislation will protect first responders and their families as these records contain sensitive and personal information including addresses.

House Bill 265 now head to the Ohio Senate for consideration.