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Ohio GOP lawmakers introduces new bill protecting the right to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Published By WHIO on April 7, 2021
Rodney Creech In The News

State GOP lawmakers are introducing a plan to ensure a person is not discriminated against for choosing to not get vaccinated. The bill, House Bill 248, is co-sponsored by Representative Rodney Creech (R-West Alexandria).

House Bill 248 would allow Ohioans to decline getting a COVID-19 shot, or any other vaccine, due to natural immunity or religious or medical reasons. The bill would also ensure unvaccinated people the same rights and abilities as those who are vaccinated.

“This country was founded upon freedom and liberty, and not government mandates and not the government telling people what to do. And what this bill is going to do it let people do what they believe in and not be discriminated against,” Creech said.

The bill comes as some bars, concert venues and other businesses begin to explore the possibility of requiring vaccination for entry.

Creech said he believed the government should not force people to receive the vaccine and businesses should not discriminate against someone who decides to not get the shot.

“Let everybody else make their choice and if people choose not to get it, its their right. Its their body,” Creech said.

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