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Ohio House Passes Bill to Address Truck-Driver Shortage

February 20, 2020
Reggie Stoltzfus News

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Today, the Ohio House passed State Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus’s (R-Paris Twp.) House Bill 222, which focuses on increasing training opportunities to remedy the growing demand for truck drivers in Ohio. Stoltzfus spoke about the legislation on the House floor before its passage.

“The trucking industry transports over two-thirds of all freight throughout the United States, which is important for our economy as Ohio sits at the crossroads of America as our economy moves on transportation,” said Stoltzfus. “The legislation will help trucking companies that are facing difficulty finding drivers by allowing them to use this tax credit.”

House Bill 222 assists companies that invest in truck-driver training as it offers these employers a tax credit. The credit equals a total of one-half of the training expenses for employers and includes a cap of $25,000 per company.

“The credit will give these companies the resources necessary to train more highly qualified drivers, which is important for the advancement of both our economy and workforce.” said Stoltzfus.

In 2014, this industry faced a shortage with a need of 38,000 drivers – this number has since increased to a shortage of 50,000 drivers.

“As a small business owner, the hardest position to fill has always been a CDL truck driver,” said Stoltzfus. “With the growing demand and the huge expenses this process creates for business owners, my hope is that this bill helps address these issues.”

House Bill 222 now awaits a hearing in the Ohio Senate.