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Representatives Plummer and Abrams to Introduce Law Enforcement Reform Bill

June 11, 2020
Phil Plummer News

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Phil Plummer and Cindy Abrams today announced they will be introducing legislation to improve law enforcement training, expand officer diversity and implement better disciplinary procedures.

The legislation also calls for the state attorney general to handle all police-involved shooting cases.

“The goal of this legislation is to improve law enforcement and expand transparency,” said Plummer (R-Dayton), who served as Montgomery County sheriff for more than 10 years. “Changes are needed, the status quo isn’t good enough.”

The legislation is designed to focus on more than a dozen law enforcement-related issues. The measure is the first major law enforcement reform bill lawmakers have tackled in years.

“We’re going to have a robust committee process with the end goal of passing comprehensive legislation that has a positive, meaningful impact,” Plummer said.

Key provisions include:

1. Modernizing hiring practices to increase hiring of minority officers;
2. Establishing a standard disciplinary process for all police departments;
3. Terminating an officer when they are convicted of a violent crime;
4. Creating a statewide disciplinary database for police officers noting officer suspensions that are the result of improper use of force or dishonesty;
5. Examining issues related to excessive use of force;
6. Ensure professional police practices.

Abrams (R-Harrison), a former Cincinnati police officer, said this is the beginning of an important process and conversation for Ohio.

“The vast majority of the men and women of law enforcement are professionals. They put their lives on the line every day to protect and to serve,” Abrams said. “This bill will help improve public safety and law enforcement.”