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Plummer Announces Ohio Lawmakers Approve Significant Criminal Justice Reform

December 23, 2020
Phil Plummer News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Phil Plummer (R-Dayton) today announced Ohio lawmakers have approved House Bill 1, significant criminal justice reform that expands access to treatment in lieu of conviction and allows record-sealing of low-level, non-violent, non-sexual offenses.

“House Bill 1 preserves judicial discretion while increasing access to addiction treatment and removing barriers to employment in order to help those in recovery become productive members of society,” said Plummer.

Plummer explained that under current law, it’s difficult for defendants to access intervention treatment in place of a criminal conviction. The legislation requires judges to conduct an eligibility hearing on an application for intervention if an offender alleges that drug or alcohol usage was a factor leading to the underlying offense.

Additionally, H.B. 1 allows fourth and fifth degree offenders to have those convictions sealed in order to eliminate serious obstacles when seeking employment.

“Consistent employment is an important factor in sustained recovery and turning a defendant’s life around,” added Plummer.

The bill is joint-sponsored with State Rep. Paul Hicks-Hudson (D-Toledo). It is priority legislation that has the support of a number of statewide organizations, including the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Officer of the Ohio Public Defender, ACLU of Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Ohio Poverty Law Center, and Ohio State Bar Association.

The measure now heads to Governor DeWine for his signature.